Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another Gay Movie

Hik..have u gays watch this movie?? hikhik..


Movie nih lebih kurang mcm citer AMERICAN PIE..but versi gayboy...of coz dier ala2 lucah skek arr ciknek..cikbon bersepah segala..hehe..tapi aku suker la cerita nih..sat aku paste dier punya..sinopsis...

ANDY is your typical All-American eighteen-year-old gay virgin. Like everyone else, he's dying to have sex. Totally out of the closet and mad-crazy horny, this naïve high school senior is caught in that awkward vortex between child and adult. Much to the dismay of his MOM (who wonders why all her carrots and cucumbers keep disappearing), Andy spends much of his private time practicing for the big moment when he'll finally take the plunge.

Andy is not alone. He attends high school with his three best friends, all of them totally out-loud-and-proud. JAROD is a buff varsity-jock stud. GRIFF is the class valedictorian and a closet romantic. NICO is the fabulous alternative-kid gay-cinema expert. The guys all have one thing in common - they're all booty-virgins.

MUFFLER, 18, the boys' bulldyke Casanova stud bud, delights in pointing this out. Muffler is a cheerleader-magnet with loads of sexual experience under her mullet. The final straw for the guys comes at Muffler's graduation party, where everyone is having sex but them. That night they make a pact to do “the big A” by the end of the summer.

What follows is a raunchy ride on the bumpy road to butt love. Along the way, the film spoofs not only teen movies like AMERICAN PIE and gay movies from TRICK, THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB, but also the entire gay lifestyle.

After the end-of-summer blow-out bash at Muffler's, the boys' lives (and asses) will never be the same…

Will Andy decide he's not ready for sex after all? Will Griff act on his raging crush for best friend Jarod? What is Nico doing with MUFFLER’S GRANDPA? Will Andy get that gerbil out of his ass? Each character experiences his own rite of passage on a journey that spans from boys to men.

Beneath the film's sex-romp exterior beats the true message of the story -
GAY IS OKAY!! is puerile and obnoxious...but it is also hilarious and the jokes don't wear out their welcome...(enemas that work too efficiently..:P..a penis pump that short circuits..LOL! hanjeng kan)... Yet..ANOTHER GAY is a genuinely sweet film..aku suker giler part GRIFF meluahkan perasaan kat JAROD tuh..hik..kalaulah aku brani buat mcm tu duluuu kat budak tuh..

la la la lal ala la...*matila MAMA baca ni..LOL

Owh...sehari suntuk...aku duk carik lagu ANOTHER GAY SUNSHINE DAY by NANCY SINATRA sentaplahh tak jumpa...cute lah lagu tu..jgn kan lagu lirik pun payah..kat I TUNES sajork yg ado...kena bayar...kot..bencilahhhhhh Here's some picture from that movie..

Micheal Carbonaro as ANDY WILSON the somewhat*matila MAHA BOTTOM..Jason Biggs (American Pie) punya klon katanya..kalau Jason Biggs wanna f**k soo hard..ANDY wanna get f**k soo damn hard..*matila desperate

Jonah Blechman as NICO the ULTRA FLAMBOYANT merangkap INDIE CINEMA EXPERT..hik..*Pinky Bottom!..(tapi at the end of the movie dier yg apom atuk MUFLER*bull dyke)..:P..owh..blakang meja tu RICHARD HATCH..:P..pemenang SURVIVOR musim pertama dulu..*matila ciknek cam sup bunjut LOL..:P

Hero dan heroin dlm citer neh..hahaha..dari kiri:Jonathan Chase as JAROD (The JOCK..100% TOP!..not!!! LOL)...Mitch Morris as GRIFF (The romantic NERD with big u-know-what LOL..mrasaa la JAROD kan)..*taste kat GRIFF neh..hik

Banyak lagi pelakon dlm ni..including ALL STAR GAY LYPSINKA..MATTHEW RUSH..RICHARD HATCH (survivor 1)..hik..nak tau lebih lanjut...


ps:Can someone plsss tell me..mana nak download NANCY SINATRA-Another Gay Sunshine Day..:P

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