Saturday, July 29, 2006


Hiks..jangan mara naa...bukan nak kutuk sesapa..cuma lawak giler..lawak Yo Mama saja kekongsi..leyy..hiks..Owh..kalau nak tgk lagi..masuk jer tau dorunk nih..they even have a name for this kind of jokes..'Yo Mama Jokes'..Owh..yg kaler merah tuh..yg paling lawak la bagi aku...
  • Yo mama is so dumb she stuck a battery up her butt and said, "I got energy!"
  • Yo' mama so ugly, she threw a boomerang and it didn't come back!
  • Yo mama is so ugly that when she worked at the bakery they dipped her face in the batter to make animal cookies.
  • Yo Mama is so ugly, she walked out of the pet store and the alarm went off.
  • Yo mama's so dumb she sat on the TV and watched the couch
  • Yo mama is so bald that when she takes a shower she gets brainwashed!
  • Yo' Mama's so stupid, she tried to blow out a lightbulb
  • Yo Mama's teeth are so big, if she sneezes she'll stab herself in the chest
  • Yo mama's so fat, she wore an X-Files T-shirt and a helicopter landed on her
  • Yo mama is so dumb that she got locked in the bathroom and peed her pants
  • Yo' Mama is so old, when I told her to act her age she died
  • Yo Mama is so stupid, she thinks Limp Bizkit is a medical condition
  • Yo Mama is so fat, when she told me her weight I thought it was her phone number
  • Yo momma so fat even Bill Gates couldn't pay for her liposuction!
  • Yo mama is so fat that the back of her neck looks like a package of hot dogs
  • Yo' mama so stupid, she returned a donut because it had a hole in it!
  • Yo' mama so fat, she jumped in the ocean and whales started singing "We Are Family!"
  • Yo mama's so fat, when she runs, she makes the CD player skip... at the Radio station
  • Yo mama's so old that, when she breast-feeds, powdered milk comes out!
  • Yo mama's so poor she can't afford to pay attention
  • Yo mama is so fat, she put on a yellow raincoat and all the kids yelled, “here comes the school bus.

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