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Uols pun tau kan...aku minat giler...ngan citer ni aku COPY PASTE skek pasal karakter2 yg ader dalam ceriter tuh dan juger karakter2 yg lain dlm x-men 1 n 2 yg dimatikan..*motip?? dorunk takder lagik...mencila...UOLS SUKER YG MANA??...takper...aku matchingkan mana yang sesuai...hiks...saja memain...

Real Name:Unknown...tapi dorunk panggil Callisto sajork

Affiliations:The Omega Muties

Remarks:Has the "OMEGA" symbol tattooed on her face..Was born in the Domonican Republic..Immigrated to the U.S as an infant..Grew up in Washington Heights..New York City..where she honed her skills as a fighter and a hunter

Leader of a group of a mutant outcasts that exist as part of an underground network that stretches across the nation...

Powers:Super Human senses...can detect an electrical anergy spike grom miles away..can detect the presence of other mutants based on their energy projection...superb hunter and tracker

PS:Orang yg memula kuar pala otak aku masa main matching2 ni kan...ELOLEOS...bley..hiks..sebab muker dier ada unsur2 ganas skek...ala2 hunter la..hiks

Real Name:Dr Henry "Hank" McCoy

Affiliations:Current:Department of Mutant Affairs
Past:The X-Men

Remarks:A brilliant scientist and researcher..nicknamed "THE BEAST" in college as a football of Xavier's earliest recruits to the X-MEN...McCoy proved invaluable both in the field of battle and in the laboratory..where his vast intelligence and insight into mutant genetics quickly distinguished him from the rest of the team

Dr McCoy is the first known mutant to hold a position in the United States of goverment..

Powers:Super human agility..strength..endurance and dexterity

PS:Yang ni plak...aku cadangkan...SD..bley tak...feature GANAS katanya...

Name:Warren Worthington 111


Remarks:Born in to a family of wealth and power..Attended prestigious East Coast Boarding School..The son of a pharmaceutical tycoon Warren Worthington 11 (Worthington Labs)..Subject and his family have had great difficulty accepting his mutant abilities and have use special harness to conceal the wings behinds his back

Powers:Anatomy has addapted itself for flight with natural wings with a 16' wingspan...Wings have superhumans strength and the ability to lift 500 lbs in addition to his own weight...All aspects of his own anatomy are adapted for flight including his eyes..respiration and bones..

PS:Ron@fantastic ideal...sebab dier tinggi...kurus...and has that "angelic look" bley...seusaii sgt2 kan..mesti melertss...tapi kene workout skek...sebab kene tayang body...bley..hiks

Real Name:Caine Marko


Remarks:Recently encarcerated by the federal goverment

Powers:Unstoppable force...once the JUGGERNAUT begins moving in a given direction..NO POWER ON EARTH can stop him...Superhuman strength and near invulnerability

PS:Yang ni lak...aku nak kasi kat PUTRAUITM aka WIRAWATI

Real Name:Eric Magnus Lensherr

Affiliations:The Brotherhood of Mutant (founder and leader)

Remarks:Believe to polish in origin..during the subject's adolencence he and his family were sent to NAZI concentration camp at Autchwitz..records show that at war's end..the subject was the only member of his family to survive..following the war Lensherr travelled through Europe before arriving in Israel where he met and befriended Charles is possible that Lensherr might have fathered as many as three children...Has been linked to and is believe to be directly responsible for the attacks on the Statues of Liberty and Weschenster Train also linked to the destruction at Alkali Lake..subject was captured and held in specially created plastic prison by the federal goverment before escaping..current whereabout is unknown...Subject has demonstrate sophisticated knowledge in matters of genetic manipulation and engineering and has use radiation to mutate human...has very little interest in or value for non-mutant human life...

Powers:Capable of manipulating and chanelling magnetic fields including the ability to maniputale iron and iron based alloys..Is able to fly by manipulating the earth magnetic fields

PS:Tu dier super villain punya sexplanation...susah nak matchingkan sesapa sebab takut ader yg kecik ati aku kata dier kertu plak...tak la sampai camtu nonok...MAMA cadangkan LEOSABRI yer untuk MAGNETO...*aku diamkan ajer..

Real Name:Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch Rasputin

Affiliations:The X-MEN

Remarks:Present at the incident at Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters..aided the younger students in escaping via underground tunnels to an as yet unknowk location...Status as a full-fledged member of the X-MEN remains unknown at this time

Powers:Can convert body tissue into an organic steel-like subtance..garanting him superhuman strength and a high resistance to injury

PS:Aku ngan MAMA pilih FIZZOW...*laki MAKSUTIMAH...sebab body yg ala2 sama...*kembang la tuh..

Real Name:Charles Francis Xavier

Affiliations:Founder and leader of the X-MEN

Remarks:A natural genius..completed high school at 16..attended Oxford University..earning PHD'S in genetic..Biophysics and unknown incident left Xavier paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair..Founder of Xavier's school for gifted Youngster...Runs Xavier's from his family's Westchester Mansion which has been coverted into a base of operations at which he trains mutants for his personal strike force known as THE X-MEN..The base includes subterranean medical labs..a trained facility called "The Danger Room" aircraft hanger..and Xavier's mutant detection device code named CEREBRO...Xavier is regarded as an authority on genetic well as an advocate of peaceful relations between human and mutant kind

Powers:Unchartered telepathic present counting..Xavier is the most powerful telepath on the planet..ESP and the ability to alter and manipulates minds at will..astral projection..Xavier can leave his body in astral form and appear as an image in the minds of other

PS:Yang ni plak...aku pilih MAKSUTIMAH...A Natural Genius...

Real Name:Ororo Munroe *bukan Marilyn Monroe k..

Affiliations:The X-MEN

Remarks:Prior to joining the X-MEN Ororo Monroe lived first as a street urchin relying on skills as a petty thieves and pickpocket to survive..following the manifestation of her powers..she was worshipped as a weather goddess by the native african tribes before being approached by Prof Charles Xavier to join his mutant strike force known as the X-MEN...Linked to attacks on the Statues of Liberty..Westchester Train Station..and destruction at Alkali Lake..

Powers:Can sense and influence meteorological energu patterns..ranging from small temperature changes such as wind and rain to larger phenomenon such as snow and even tornadoes...Can generate and project Lightning form her body...Can fly by creating strong enough wind to support her body

PS:Yg ni plak...aku ngan MAMA cadangkan ESTEE la org yg paling sesuai...*matila awan terpilu jadi awan terVAST..bley..hiks

Real Name:Robert "Bobby" Drake

Affiliations:The X-MEN

Remarks:Is romantically involved with Rogue..following incident at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster..Bobby led a small group of refugees to his family home in suburban Boston..local police engaged the group but were unsuccessful in uprehending the fugitive mutants...Upgraded to full team member status following destruction at Alkali Lake

Powers:Can lower his external and internal body temperature..allowing him to freeze liquid or air moisture...can form ice into any object of his only by his imagination and skill as a sculpture

PS:Untuk BOBBY plak..aku pilih EIFEL MORFIE..yer..muka ala2 dingin manjang tuh...wat aku rasa dier sesuaii untuk berangan jadi ICEMAN...*matilah berangan....hiks

Bersambung....banyak sgt member2 X-MEN ok..16 orang tak silap..lum masuk karakter yg dimatikan X-MEN 3 THE LAST STAND...2..bley...hiks


ADam Dryx said...
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Anonymous said...

hmmm...maksutimah...comelnye laki kot tuh...kalo aku take over bole?badan sedap...feeling2 nak rampas je aku...wakakaka....

Isis Natasha said...

masih sentap dari comment atas ...

wah wah wah whah

tepat yer pilihan anda mengenai LEOSABRI!!

i SOKONG seratus peartus ...

mmg padan yerk, kurus mcm die, gay mcm ian mckellen , jahat kejam ..


**larikan diri keb dlm masjid belakang umah abg leo

to abg leo, if u read this, just want u to know, that i winduw banget kat u ....


**lari bergelimpangan kesana sini tanpa arah tujuan