Thursday, May 11, 2006


Hiks..ok uols...ini sambungan dr entri yg lepas...mrasaa..

Real Name:John Allderoyce aka PYRO

Affiliations:Current-The Brotherhood of Mutant Past-THE X-MEN

Remarks:Close friends of Bobby Drake aka ICEMAN and Rogue..following the destruction at Alkali Lake..Subjest defected from Xavier's group to join MAGNETO and his Brotherhood of Mutant

Powers:Can control fire allowing it to grow in size..intensity..shape and direction..Cannot create fire but requires only a smallest sparks to
ignite..Carries special cigarretes lighter with him all the time

PS:Untuk PYRO plak...i think BENLIMWEIKEN sesuaii uols...he got that "fire" look..especially his eyes...*matila broken english...

Real Name:Raven Darkholme

Affiliations:The Brotherhood of Mutant

Remarks:One of the founding member of the Brotherhood of Mutants..MAGNETO'S most trusted soldier..MYSTIQUE has a very close relationship as well as a deep history with The Brotherhood leader..Accomplish in martial espionage and covert and special ops

Powers:As a shape shifter..MYSTIQUE has the ability to shift the atom and molecules in her body to change appearance as a result can
look and sound EXACTLY like any human of either sex including finger voiceprints as well as retinal scans

PS:Aku ngan MAMA cadangkan ZIELA..yer..setelah melihat perubahan yg berlaku pada ZIELA masa photoshoot dan IQP...tak ker extreme tu uols...dr kureng cantik kepada yg lebih ZIELA...uols jadi MYSTIQUE lar...hiks

Real Name:Katherine "Kitty" Pryde

Affiliations:Xavier's Shool Of Gifted Youngsters

Remarks:Personally recruited by Xavier to attend class at his school for gifted youngsters..present during incident at Xavier's..but not as an active member of The X-MEN...Status as a full-fledge member of The X-MEN is uknown at this time

Powers:Can phase (pass) through solid object by becoming
intangible...Ability to use phasing to absorb energy blasts or attacks...Ability to use phasing powers to move others through objects and surface...Phasing also allows Kitty to disrupt electronic equipment by passing through it

Ps:Yang ni plak..aku pilih BABYBOYD..hiks...sesak2 kat MT tuh...dier leh kuar masuk sesuka hati jer...phasing la sesangatss...hikhikh

Real Name:Jean Grey aka Dark Phoenix

Affiliations:The X-MEN

Remarks:A traumatic childhood experience from Grey's Youth is thought to have activate her latent psychic power..her parents sought out Prof Charles Xavier in the hope he could teach her to control her abilities..she has since stayed at the school..operating both as a teacher at the School For Gifted Youngsters and as a member of The X-MEN...Has been romantically linked with both Scott Summers aka CYCLOPS and Logan aka WOLVERINE...Linked to attack on Statue of Liberty and The Westchester Train Station as well as the destruction at the Alkali Lake

Powers:Rare combination of both telekinetics and telepathic abilities enabling her to read minds..projects
thoughts..and move objects with her minds

Ps:Fuh..yang ni ramai tul adik2 berebut suh aku matching kan ngan dorunk...hiks..anyway pas perah pala hotak aku kan..aku rasa yg sesuai skals ialah...Nurlea Laurielle Lai Lee aka Lady Loreal...muke dah bih kurang sama...letak jer wig merah panjang cam Jean Grey nih...dah menjadi kan...hiks...jgn mare..

Real Name:Unknown

Affiliations:The X-MEN

Remarks:Subjects's history prior to joining The X-MEN is spotty at best..prior to joining The X-MEN..Logan maintain a low profile..generally keeping to himself and living a nomadic lifestyle..never putting down roots in one place for too long..has suspected ties to Western and Northern Canada as well as Tokyo Japan...Is uncontrollable and unpredictable in battle and prone to berserker rage..Has had trained in multiple forms of martial arts and weaponry

Powers:Heightened senses..greater sense of and hearing than that of normal humans...Accelerated healing factor..can heals surface wounds in minutes and extensive injuries in a matter of hours...Skelaton laced with indestructable metal known as adamantium..posesses three retractable adamantium claws housed in either forearm..can release claws through his skin between the knuckles on each hands

Ps:Yang ni MAMA pilih aku...besides..."hello...i wanna take part 2 ok...":P hiks

Real Name:Scott Summers

Affiliations:The X-MEN (field leader)

Remarks:Was Xavier's first pupil at his School For Gifted Youngsters and was romantically linked with Jean Grey...Linked to attacks on the Statue Of Liberty..Westchester Train Station and the destruction at the Alkali Lake

Powers:Ability to project optical blasts from his eyes..these are heatless blasts of concussive force..which Cyclops is able to controll with incredible and deadly force...Cyclops destructive powers in uncharted..possibly strong enough to
punch holes in a mountain

Ps:Aku tak minat sgt tgk Cyclops dlm movie neh..pathethic sgt2..jiwang karat jer manjang...anyway...untuk dier neh aku pilih Azri_Escort...tapi Azri bukan la jiwang karat cam Cyclops k..hiks

Real Name:Marie...last name is unknown

Affiliations:The X-MEN

Remarks:Runaway taken under the wing of Xaviers and enrolled in the School fot Gifted Youngsters..Is romantically involved with Bobby Drake aka ICEMAN...and has a close relationship with Logan aka WOLVERINE...

Powers:Can absorb energy of anyone that she comes into skin-to-skin contact with..for humans this means absorbing their life force..which ususally results in a vegetative state for the victim..When in contact with mutants Rogue may briefly "borrow" their abilities..the length of time she posesses the powers seems to depend on how long she
maintains skin contact with the victim

Ps:Untuk ROGUE plak..aku pilih si Bimbo ni hah...sanggup ni kaler rambut semata-mata nak masuk dlm blog aku dan dimatchingkan ngan Rogue...koser..hikhikh...*matila aku kene carut..amyway..meletup kan pic pondan neh..sentap aku...


Anonymous said...

tetap nak carutkan aku lah kan!!
btw tq ye...
yg penting same ok kaler rambut ngan pose...
jgn marah!!
**matilah brangan!!!


ADam Dryx said...


Memang seswai semuanya!!!.... hahaha!!


Isis Natasha said...

jab ..
first of all,

kedua, makin berangan la ben tue yerk .. haha larikan diri ...

ben mana ko .. lama tka jumper ko kat jaya jusco ipoh ...

motif dino dpt watak perempuan sedangkan die jantan berjanggut kambing?

stil SENTAP sebab tak der nama i

kelima, masih sentap

keenam, buhsan la today

Anonymous said...

kitty?hahaha. lepas ko xplain baru aku paham.hehe.

oit, sape yg berangan nak jadi mystique tu, kena bogel, pastu cat body kaler biru, pastu amik gambar.pastu kasi kat y. brani?hahahah.