Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Musical Taggy Tag from ISIS..

I am so down...i can't write a thing...having a hard time to move on........tapi tetap tk serik...aha...i guess soon...u guys gonna see me brokenhearted again...fcuk..

But i guess i need this...taggy thingy...thanks ISIS..

  1. Put ur i-tunes, mp3, mp4, windows media player, etc on shuffle..
  2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer..
  3. You must write down that song name no matter how silly it sounds..
  4. Tag 10 friends..
  5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing..
erm...1st of all...this is not my's HANANY' kalau lagu dier merepek..jgn kata aku bad taste in music.. -_-"..sempat carut sedih2 ni pun kan...

  • If some asked u.."are you occay?" you say.. MAN BAI-MASIH AKU TERASA.. (er..yeap)
  • How would you describe yourself.. NIKE ARDILLA-TAK AKAN BERSUARA.. (-_-")
  • What do you like in a guy/girl.. ACHA SEPTRIASA-KEHAMPAAN HATI.. (What the fuck with all the sad song nih..i know i'm in drama mode..perlu ke..?)
  • How do you feel today.. ZAMANI-KESAL TAK TERPERI.. (HANANY...I hate ur playlist)
  • What is your life purpose.. FRANCESCA PETER ft ROY-TAK KENAL MAKA TAK CINTA (Hmm..)
  • What is your motto.. MOULIN ROUGE ost-WE CAN BE LOVERS
  • What do you friend think of you.. ADAM CLAYTON n LARRY MULLEN jr.-MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Theme song (That impossible meh?)
  • What do your parents think about you.. ABBA-KNOWING ME KNOWING YOU
  • What do you think about very often.. NICKY ASTRIA-MENGAPA (yeah..why?)
  • What do you think of your bestfriend.. LINKIN PARK-NUMB (motif... -_-")
  • What is your life story.. IMRAN AJMAIN-SUDAH TU SUDAH
  • What do you want to be when you grow up.. RIHANNA-UNFAITHFUL (BABI)
  • What do you think when the person you like.. JASON MRAZ-YOU AND I BOTH (mcm masalah bahasa je soklan ni)
  • What will you dance at your wedding.. AFGAN-TERIMA KASIH CINTA.. (T_T)
  • What will the play at your funeral.. MAIA-INGAT KAMU.. (either this taggy is pain in the butt..or it knows what i feel..creepy...)
  • What is your hobby.. SITI NURHALIZA-DIARI HATIMU.. (Blogging?)
  • What is your biggest fear.. TERIYAKI BOYZ-TOKYO DRIFT..(bodo sgt)
  • What is your biggest secret.. GARASI-HILANG.. (hmm..)
  • What do you think of your friends.. TIMBALAND ft T-PAIN-TALK.. (mmg korunk banyak cakap kan?)
  • What will you post this as.. REPUBLIK-HANYA INGIN KAU TAHU.. ...
Ok...I Will Tag..

Hik..selamat mencuba..walaupun ni kali ke 2 kot..aku wat Music Tag still gives me the creep..kejilah..

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Isis Natasha said...

at least it is better than mine occay

what is you biggest secret?
beyonce if i were a boy

tak ke macma kemaks sajork?!