Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Semalam..aku excited jer tgk budak gemuk ngan kurus tu menari ikut lagu PCD...i was soo excited..i almost tell all my fren to check out that vid..sampai la aku chat ngan JOEHANJ who gives different opinion...dier kenalkan aku ngan VOGUEING...pot pet pot pet..getting excited tgk video2 vogueing BATTLE..terus aku wiki vogueing tu apa...nah..mrasa aku paste kt sini..

Vogue or "voguing" is a highly stylized modern dance characterized by photo model-like poses integrated with angular, linear and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. Popularized by Madonna's song and video of the same name (see Vogue), the unique inner-city dance subculture was brought to international mainstream attention.

There are currently two distinct styles (or "schools") of vogue: Old Way (pre-1990) and New Way (post 1990). Old Way is characterized by formation of lines, symmetry, and precision in the execution of such formations and graceful, fluid-like action. New Way is characterized by a more rigid, geometric pattern movement coupled with "clicks" (limb contortions at the joints) and "arms control" (sleight of hand and wrist illusions, which usually include "tuts" or "tutting" and locking). New Way can also be described as a modified form of mime, where imaginary geometric shapes such as a box are introduced during motion and moved progressively around the dancer's body to display the dancer's dexterity and memory.

Kalau tak kuar lagu MADONNA tk kuar la vogueing ni kot..akak2 zaman madonna mmg kreatif kan...masa aku memula aku tgk video org vogueing i laugh my ass off..sebab dorunk jalan mcm itik..and keep posing with their hand..not that i think it was stupidly funny..but i think its cute and i kinda like it...especially the OLD WAY...yang NEW WAY tu..yg badan flexi2 jer la boleh buat...tapi bukan jenis takat letak kaki korunk kat bahu org jer ok..*matila sempat carut...

VOGUEING ni..ekceli diasaskan oleh komuniti GAY at that time...it became so famous they starts to make their own group that include mostly people from the fashion industry...Ada HOUSE OF MIZRAHI..HOUSE OF MILAN..HOUSE OF MANOLO BLAHNIK...HOUSE OF REVLON dan banyak lagi lah...Yang paling famous ialah..HOUSE OF NINJA...ada 2 org yg paling famous la aku rasa dlm HOUSE of NINJA ni...1st is BENNY NINJA..kalau ada sesapa yang suka layan America's Next Top Model kt sini...mesti kenal BENNY NINJA...he's like POSING GURU in that show...BENNY is more into NEW WAY of vogueing...so korunk leh tgk mcm mana "flexi" nyer dier...hik

Vogueing show dari BENNY dan anak2 buah HOUSE OF NINJA..

Lagi sorunk ninja yg famous is..DANIELLE POLLANCO..and of course better known as DANIELLE NINJA...ni baru pic yg aku paste..belum utube lagik...hik..DANIELLE NINJA ni pernah menari untuk BEYONCE...JENNIFER LOPEZ..LL.COOL K...JANET JACKSON..and maybe ramai lagi...dan yang paling best..kalau korunk igt..dier penah berlakon dlm STEP UP 2:THE STREETS with BRIANNA EVIGAN and ROBERT HOFFMAN...dier berlakon sebagai MISSY...yeap..that sassy latina chick..KB pada ANDIE (Brianna) dalam movie tu..

Vogueing by DANIELLE NINJA..

So u think u can VOGUE?..hik..ekceli banyak lagi korunk leh tgk dlm youtube tu...ni yg aku tunjuk kire nk kenalkan korunk ngan bende ni je...ekceli ada lagi tau?..yang video kt atas tu hanya show..aku belum tunjuk BATTLE lagi...kalau korunk igt bebudak SHUFFLE or bebudak BIGBOYS...(bukan chub2 plu tu ye) je yg ada battle...Vogueing pun ada battle..and my favourite Vouger when it comes to battle is LEYOMI MIZRAHI..from HOUSE OF MIZRAHI of course...sometime known as SLEYOMI..as in SLAY..coz this bitch gonna slay u bad on the dancefloor...er..did i tell u she's a drag quuen?...she's soo taking the word FIERCE on to the next level...She's crazy...she's bad..she's good..damn good..taktau nak puji mcm mana dah..haha...just love her...

This is one of her best battle..U go SLEYOMI..

Aku pun tktau la nk citer pasal VOGUEING or the VVIP in VOGUEING kan..tapi rasanya sumer cukup kot..haha..saja nk kenalkan korunk ngan bebende ni..sebab kadang2 tak sanggup tgk PONDAN2..tetiba leh nk ikut anak ikan dorunk shuffle kt BB ari tu...dah la pondan2 baru naik ni..org akan asik perhati...either disuka or dikeji..ni tk cukup dikeji..leh feeling2 shuffle..aiyarkkkk kepala aku takleh terima la...so...


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